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My, my! Welcome to the Capitol, tribute! We hope that you enjoy your stay until the beginning of the games. But before then, we have a lot of preparing to do! You see, this blog has been made for all of you, fans of The Hunger Games who ever wondered how things would turn out for them at the reaping... All you have to do is go on our submit page, fill in our questions, and as soon as we possibly can, we will post it back with a little story of your own hunger games. The game makers are after all, really dedicated to your entertainment! So, if you are interested citizen, you are invited to go take a look at the concerned page. The Capitol would also be really grateful for your sacrifice, if you followed us back. You are also free to read the stories of your fellow tributes! If you have any questions, feel free to communicate it to us as well. And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tribute / Rocky / District 2

1. Rocky

2. District 2

3. Male

4. I’m 15 years old, tallish, athletic, curly haired, and muscular. I have fast reflexes and I’m very fast. Skilled in knife throwing and handling a spear.

5. I have a funny personality. I make a lot of people around me smile and laugh.  I’m very hardworking and always set my mind to the task at hand. I’m also smart. I never back down from a fight which often gets me in trouble and some people call me overly aggressive/rough.

6. Surviving, Fighting, Sponsors, Tactics, Escape

7. I’ve been training at the academy ever since I was 7. My mother won her Hunger Games when she was 17 and my father works in the Nut. I’m the middle child and I would kill anything or anybody for my brothers. At the academy I have a lot of friends but i have one best friend, Hazel, and I really like her. I don’t agree with what the games stand for. They’re crazy but for some reason I always felt the need to live up to my family’s name.  So i started training as a way to make my parents proud. But when I got called at my 4th reaping all i could think of were Hazel and my two brothers. Now that I’m in the games I would kill anyone in my way to get back to my district.

  • Rank in #2
  • Training result: 9
  • The arena for this edition of the hunger games was: A dead forest that looks as if it was burnt to the ground, although its dead trees still stand, lifeless. The muddy ground makes it very hard to venture around and can even provoke the deaths of many. Beware, for some unusual vultures may lurk and wait for you to be defenceless.
  • During the bloodbath, you ran straight for the cornucopia confident of your skills and ran straight for the weapons in its very middle, forcing you to fight a tribute off your back on the way before seizing a spear and being forced to take down the other career from your district out of surprise, by reflex, before stealing their bag and running straight into the forest.
  • During the games, your sole priorities were both surviving, gathering what you needed to go on, as well as fightning if you were called to. Once you had escaped the sight of any other tributes, you quickly discovered as you went further inside the dead, leafless forest that the ground was getting muddier to the point that somewhen, you were knee-deep in it. Walking quickly became a chore, and you deduced it would be risky to make unawaited encounters in such a place. On your way, you crossed path with a dead tribute in the mud. Weird thing, whoever killed them left them their bag. So you toke it and settled into a tree by night. The ground wasn’t friendly enough to stay on offguard. With the bags, you had both cakes, berries and a bottle of water in stock. Otherwise, you still had your spear and a blanket. In the middle of the night, you woke up to weird noises followed by screams as you saw a few meters away, a tribute stuck in the mud, being taken down by a few abnormally aggressive vultures. By morning, nothing but their half eaten body remained, leaving you yet another bag with bread to take. Not sure whenever these birds would come back, you dare ventured further into the risky forest. After hours of walk, you realised this area was lifeless in terms of both hunting&gathering… But that it also lacked sources of water. This could explain why all the bags you stumbled on up to now had food in them. Maybe there was no other way to feed than what the game makers provided to start with… Which didn’t mean good news. With what you had, you settled yet for another night in a tree and managed, but you had no more water left in your bottle, which would force you to seek some the next day. You left by sunrise, quite thirsty. During the day, about half of the remaining tributes had fallen. You guessed they were forced to steal and engage in a fight for food and water as soon as they came across one another. This time, by nightfall, you hid behind a tree as you saw mouvement in the distance. Your doubts were confirmed, an alliance’s camp, not any though, but of the district 1 careers. Out of their sight, you climbed a tree to  observe them and their doings. If you hoped to take them both down, you would have to do it when they would be offguard. Tired, you eventually fell asleep. It is a vulture that woke you up, causing you to fall off your tree which alerted the two careers. Gladly, you fell with your spear, which allowed you to throw it at the female tribute who was about to shoot an arrow in your face, which forced you to take the other one down with your own hands, as he eventually drowned in the mud. But now you had their camp, all their weapons and their provisions, which allowed you to settle for two days, until more tributes were taken down, which announced the finales.
  • During the finales, you started elaborating a plan to take down the three other remaining tributes. But the game makers had other plans. Weirdly enough, you saw in the distance a flood of muddy water coming your way, which forced you to flee from the camp with nothing but a spear and a knife. You ran away from it, which forced you back like the other finalists to the Cornucopia. All facing one another, you all knew the flood wouldn’t stop until they had a winner. The two tributes from district 6 charged at you, wanting to take down the threat your district represented, which allowed you to stab one as soon as they came up to you and scared the other one off, who tripped in the mud and got taken by the flood. You realised how close it was now, but all you had left to do was to take the last tribute down.
  • Your death: As soon as you turned around, seeking her, there she was. Standing in the very middle, the bow brandished in your direction, she shot. Although her aim was bad and the fact she shot you in the arm didn’t take you down, the flood who finally reached you from behind, did. The gong echoed through the arena.
— 2 years ago
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Message from the Game Makers!

Hello, hello dear citizens!

The Game Makers would like to remind you that we are still waiting for more tributes!

You can still submit your own informations to join in the hunger games,

We usually post your own story as tribute with your results within 24 hours, if not, you’ll be warned when it should be!

The Capitol thank you for your sacrifice,

and shall answer your questions if you have any.

…And happy hunger games!

— 2 years ago
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Tribute / Lauren / District 4
Tribute/Lauren/District 4

1. Lauren

2. District 4

3. Female

4. Short, average weight, a tad muscular for a female of my age (18). I’ve been a swimmer my whole life, so I naturally have the swimmer build: broad shoulders with narrow hips. I have long curly brown hair that I like to braid in multiple ways, but when I swim I wear it down because it looks very pretty and flowy. Excellent swimmer, practically a fish. Can hold breath for over a minute. Not very fast when running and gets tuckered out easily while on foot.

5. Knows how to fish, make and use nets, tie good knots, excellent swimmer, hold breath for forever, an excellent chef-can cook a meal out of anything, good with a spear/trident, excellent liar, sneaky, friendly, can sail, can start fires, likes the company of others occasionally, but prefers to be alone.

6. Surviving, Fighting, Sponsors, Tactics, Escape.

7. When I was young, about 8, my father started to take me out on his boat to help him fish. I was the oldest child even though I had two strong younger brothers. They were not mentally ready to do the kind of fishing my father did. My brothers are twins, and have always been different. They aren’t mentally all there, but that has never stopped them. My family treated them like normal boys. Fishing was mainly for men, and the women were in charge of making the nets to help catch fish. One of the days my father and I were out on the water, we heard over the radio that a woman was caught stealing fish from one of the boats. She had two young boys with her and they were to be executed on the spot for stealing Capital goods. The radio was broadcasting the whole thing live. They made the three thieves stand in a line. The woman was crying and it sounded too familiar… There were three gunshots and they were dead. My father and I got home and there was a note attached to our front door saying that mom and the boys were executed for stealing. They were the ones we heard about on the radio. My father was stunned. We didn’t fish for days. He just sat in his chair and stared at nothing. I had to go fish on his boat by myself to provide for us. He would never eat, but it was always worth trying whenever I cooked us food. When I started to get sick of fish flavored fish, I decided to get a book on plants. I bought one at the market and read all about the different leaves and berries that I can use to make different flavors. It also told me what not to touch. After a few months, my father was withering away into nothing. He sat in his chair and stared. He died while I was out fishing. I was almost 18, and soon it wouldn’t matter to the district if I was orphaned or not. So I kept my father’s death a secret. I left for my next fishing trip before dawn and brought my father’s body with me. Once out at sea, I dumped his body. It’s where he would have wanted to be anyway. I lived on my own, providing for me and my mentally vacant father for 8 months before he died of a broken heart. Then it was only 3 more months before I turned 18 and another month before the reaping in which I was chosen. Nobody volunteered. The female who had trained to be in this year’s games died in a boating accident.

  • Rank in #4
  • Training result: 7
  • The arena for this edition of the hunger games was: A rocky cliff island surrounded by the ocean whose waves constantly crush against its rocky edges. Rain falls nearly all the time, it usually stops but for an hour or two only every day and houses many cliffs and waterfalls. In consequence, the field is very slippery and accidents happen very quickly.
  • During the bloodbath, you ran straight for the cornucopia and managed to pick up a bag, but also toke the risk of running up to a dead tribute to get hold of the spear he happened to pick before running off in direction of the woods.
  • During the games, your mind was settled to priorize survival since you were confident that finding a source of water would provide you both food and water, but also to fight if it came down to that. Once deeper into the woods, you stopped to catch up your breath and inspected your bag, which provided you both rope and matches. You went on your way, only to come across a cliff and to realise you were on a high ground island, surrounded by an agitated ocean. No chance you could ever make it down there without drowning or falling to your death, so you had no other choice but to seek water elsewhere. After an hour in the woods without the sight of another tribute, yours ears led you to a river which happened to flow into a huge waterfall. You didn’t want to fall down that either, judging by the height! Nonetheless, you established yourself on a tree in the woods nearby. With a rope and your experience, you easily made a net and used it to catch a few fish to eat. You were careful with your matches, making very little fire and not long enough to catch anyone’s attention. That night, you fell asleep on a higher branch of the tree, only to wake up to the noises and soon enough the sight of a tribute chasing another right below. The pursuer stabbed his victim right under your eyes, which led you by instinct, to drop your net onto his head, pinning him to the ground. You proceeded to finish him off with your spear, since he was obviously a threat. For yet another day, you managed to make it off by fishing. The next morning, you were about to repeat your routine as you went to the river with both your spear and net… But you surely didn’t await to see the careers walking along a few meters away. At your very sight, they began running after you and one also readied her bow. You were cornered, and they would quickly shoot you or catch up with you. Which left you no other choice: you ran straight up to the waterfall and jumped down, without a second thought. You fell for what seemed like an eternity, you probably never dived from that high, but by the time you resurfaced, the careers already turned their back to the cliff. They probably thought you were dead, which was for the best. You slowly swam to the shore, only to realise you broke your spear and damaged your net in the process, but worst, your left leg was literaly cut all the way down to the side making you lose a lot of blood. This wasn’t good, and it did hurt indeed, but out of nowhere, another tribute from district 10 came out and agreed to give you his first aid kit in exchange of your ability to fish, since he had no more food left. For about two days, you two didn’t get the attention of any other tributes and intead, stood by as you noticed only 5 of you were left in the arena. The finales were coming, and you knew that it was a matter of time before he would turn onto you, which would be even worst considering your state. Therefore the next morning, when you fell upon a few berries you recognized from your book as poisonous, you quickly grabbed them and bathed the fish you fed him with them. Once he died, you knew you had entered the finales. You had a chance to do this, you only had to take down the remaining ones… Therefore you went where most would probably head to now, the cornucopia.
  • During the finales, you finally reached the ground of the initial bloodbath. With no one in sight, you decided waiting it out without selling your position would be best, especially with your leg. Therefore, you climbed into a tree, ready to repeat your net trick to anyone that would pass by. In less than an hour, a career fell for it. Now stuck under your net, you reached the ground level once more, ready to do the job.
  • Your death: Once you were about to plunge your spear into the tribute, you heard noises coming from behind. Quickly, you turned around only to see another career from district 2 coming out of the bushes. She had a barbed club in his hands, and her swing, far more precise and strong than you awaited it to be. The sound of the gong silenced the waterfalls.
— 2 years ago
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May the odds be ever in your favor!

Dear citizens,

Wondering how we decide your rank in?

The answer is quite simple!

The rules of survival are unpredictable.

Therefore, we really on chances & hasard, which in other words is called…

We tend to divide the starting number of 24 tributes by two, thus eliminating the bloodbath. And then, it is up to the odds to determine whether you are the one survivor out of them all ~


We also request your ideas, citizen!

The game makers would like to involve you in the processus of the games, and therefore, would like you to share ideas of:

  • Future Arenas
  • Type of Mutts
  • Weapons & Bag contents
  • Or any other suggestions you have!

We are all ears, for the Capitol wishes to do its best to entertain you!

So, anything on your mind?

— 2 years ago
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Tribute / Rhiannon / District 11
  1. Rhiannon
  2. District 11
  3. Female
  4. I am tall, average weight, curvy with curly, long, light brown/ginger hair. I am not very strong and don’t run alot but I know how to survive and have an okay aim(with gun).
  5. I’m not very healthy and don’t do that much sports. I’m not very good with weights and don’t have much muscle. Although I am good at hearing noises not many people will notice. I have brown hair which could be good so I don’t stick out in the arena. I’m a bit too opinionated  and honest. I wouldn’t back down from a fight although would try to stop it happening before it did. I’m very smart and know quite alot about plants(what to eat, what not to eat, etc.) I am good at predicting what someone will do by there appearance. I don’t make friends very easily so I wouldn’t be making many allies, good or bad thing i don’t know.I’m quite emotional and cry easily, but would get over it quickly.
  6.  Surviving, escape, fighting, sponsors, tactics.
  7. Back in District 11 I work outside in the fields. Planting seeds and digging out the crops which are ready to be taken away by train to the Capitol. I’m the youngest child in my family of 5. There is my older borther, me, my mother and father. And then there is my other, eldest brother, who once won the games himself. When it came to the games he acted like a career. Before he volunteered for my other brother he always trained so hard. He didn’t understand why nobody else wanted to go into the hunger games, and why it was just him who trained for them. After he won, obviously he got given a house in the victors village and everyone would have thought me and our family would move in with him, we certainly thought we would. But we didn’t. He was disgusted with us that we weren’t as enthusiastic a he was about the games. So my mother and father had to go back to working in the fields, as hard as they did before he won and still have to now. My brother also gave us no money at all, so we are just scraping by, like before. So then when my name was called, it was hope. My family hoped I won, so I was still with them but also so we all didn’t have to work so hard. I have to win, for me and for my family.

  • Rank in #9
  • Training result: 6
  • The arena for this edition of the hunger games was: A temperate forest constantly plunged into night and unknown noises, with a strangely low temperature. In a nearly complete darkness, imagination may unleash one’s fear free, as they may expose themselves. Numerous night creatures and insects roam its grounds.
  • During the bloodbath, you ran straight for the cornucopia to pick up a bag only to charge into another tribute who sought the same one. You pushed him away with a few kicks before seizing the bag and running off into the eerie forest.
  • During the games, you aimed to avoid encounters as much as possible to concentrate on gathering the goods you need to survive out there, leaving the blood spilling in the hands of others. After running inbetween the trees for a few minutes, you slowed down, short on breath. Unfortunately, you tripped over the root of a tree and fell down down a hill until you bumped into a rock. You breathed in for a moment and observed the strange environment of the arena. Oddly, it was nighttime. Most of the trees looked quite unusual, in a spooky way. Strange noises came from their peaks, but you didn’t bother with these. You climbed one and settled for the night, ignoring the noises as much as possible. You woke up to many gongs, announcing the death of a few tributes. Hours have passed and yet, the sun wasn’t up. But you couldn’t afford to lose anymore time. You jumped off the tree and for hours, went around picking berries familiar to those you would pick up in your district, filling your bag with these. It only provided a phial filled with a strange liquid that smelled pretty horrible. You prefered not to drink it, not until you would have a clue about what it is. You soon came upon a small stream of water, to your joy obviously. You easily quenched your thirst, only to be interrupted to your surprise, by two careers themselves. One juggled with some knives, leaving you no choice but to follow the orders of the second one, asking for all of your provisions. Surely you hesitated, but you realised you had no choice. Without making any quick mouvements, you toke off your bag and picked the berries for them… But decided, not sure why, to empty without them noticing the phial over the berries. Then, you handed them the food. Both looked at each other amused, and broke their promise by sending flying knives in your direction as you fled back into the darkness. At least, they didn’t run after you. You had no other choice but to venture further in to pick up some more berries… Only hours later, to hear the gong and discover that both the careers were dead. It was official, the phial actually contained poison. You quickly headed back to the stream to pick up the knives and stuff they left behind before settling in another tree. You easily made it through another day this way. By now, you realised that the arena was constantly plunged into night. The sun wouldn’t come up, which was quite disorienting. Nonetheless, you avoided all sign of other tributes up to now. Everyday, the gong would resonate through the night and announce the deaths of more tributes, as you drifted off to sleep.
  • Your death: As soon as you woke up, you brought a knife along as you went in search of more berries to feed on. You found some more and decided to head back. Whether this was the doing of the game makers or not, the dim moonlight that made it through the trees that would allow one to see slowly faded. Soon enough, you were plunged in complete darkness, disoriented. You had no clue where you were going, and fell in complete panic, running into trees and rocks. Suddenly you heard a noise. It became louder and louder… Until you felt a presence nearby. You never knew who it was before you felt a sharp blade pierce your stomach, as you fell to the sound of the gong breaking the silence following the complete obscurity.
— 2 years ago
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Tribute / Alena Greene / District 7

1. Alena Greene

2. District 7

3. Female

4. I have shoulder-lenght, dark blonde curls and brown eyes, and most people consider me pretty, but not beautiful. I’m one of the shortest girls my age in my District, but I’m quite well-fed; my body is more curvy than most other girls’, but I’m also relatively strong. My eyesight and hearing are perfect and the rest of my body is very healthy. The only real physical disadvantage I might have is that I’m out of breath very quickly, so I’m very bad when it comes to long-distance runs (although I’m a quite good sprinter). I lost the pinky of my left hand by playing in one of the sawmills when I was a kid.

5. Since I’m a very active person I love to be out in District 7’s woods; that’s why I’m a good climber and a tolerable swimmer. I also know a bit about plants, but not too much because I’m usually only good at memorizing things that I’m really interested in. I’m very quick-witted (some people might call it sassy or even arrogant). Sometimes I have difficulties controlling my temper which could cause trouble when it comes to getting sponsors… My family and friends (who really know me) often call me restless; I usually sleep only a few hours a night, always being the first one working, double-checking everything and making sure everything’s done properly. I just don’t like to waste time.

6. Escape, Surviving, Sponsors, Tactics, Fighting

7. I’m 18 years old. My parents were both still teenagers when I was born and their families threw them out of the house when they learned of my mother’s pregnancy, so we really struggled to survive for the first few years. But luckily my father is a very smart man and he quickly worked his way up until he got the position of a foreman at one of the sawmills, so when I reached the age of twelve we were at a point were we had always enough to eat and I didn’t need to take out tessarae. I don’t have any siblings, which also made getting by easier. When I was only 8 years old I had to watch one of my father’s younger brothers get reaped - he died in the bloodbath. I still see his mutilated, bloody body in nightmares sometimes… After this traumatic experience I was terrified and decided to start training for the Hunger Games, just in case. I learned to swim, to climb and to throw knives and when I got older I volunteered to help out the lumberjacks after school so I could gain experience with axes. But the possiblity of getting reaped was so small and some part of me refused to believe that it could actually happen to me, so I let training slack after some time and I’m not comparable to the Careers by any means… But I still spent most of my free time out in nature. I hate the Hunger Games. I hate everything they stand for and everyone associated with them. I had a good life here in District 7; not perfect but surely worth living. And I won’t allow the Capitol to take that away from me. I’m coming home to my friends and family - and to Riley, the boy I had planned to marry after our last reaping…

  • Rank in #1
  • Training result: 8
  • The arena for this edition of the hunger game was: A wide desert dominated by endless sand dunes under the burning sun, with only an oasis to be found at the cornucopia. With no other shades or source of water, one may tend to stick around and therefore expose himself to other tributes. The place is also home to small venomous creatures lurking in the sands.
  • During the bloodbath, you ran straight for the cornucopia to pick up the nearest bag right under the nose of another tribute who sought it, before sprinting straight into the wide desert without thinking twice.
  • During the games, you choose that avoiding any fights and worrying about survival was your sole priority. Therefore, all you wished was to slip out of others sight and grasp. But it didn’t quite turn out as planned, as the tribute you stole the bag from chased you down as you fled from both him and the bloodbath. He was quicker than you and it toke no time that he charged into you and fell on top of you, ready to crush you. You suffered many of his hits, awaiting the worst, when he suddenly fell lifeless next to you. You noticed a knife dug in his back, as well as the other tribute from district 3 who forced this fate onto him in front of you. You both made eye contact, before she picked up your bag and left you alone. Still under the shock and with nothing left, you wisely chose to withdraw the knife from your pursuer’s dead body before heading further into the sand dunes. Apparently the burning sun affected more than a few, as about six other tributes died within the very first day. These hours of walk appeared to have been done in vain, as you deduced the only source of water appeared to be the very oasis by the cornucopia. You hoped not to regret your decision, but it gave you no other choice but to return the way you came from, although it meant probably everyone else did. With no food and water, there was no way you could make it anyway. You didn’t desire to assault another tribute to steal his good either, with your knife being your only possession. You knew how to use it, but against many, the odds weren’t with you. Cautiously, you ventured back, until you fell on the dead body of the fellow tribute from your district. You barely recognized his swollen face, though. You quickly understood that there must be several poisonous creatures lurking around then. With no further use for his bag, you decided to take it with you. You settle at the back of a dune until sunrise, counting the death of more tributes until the number of you went down to six. In one day, already? You deduced everyone was desperate for water and all ended up falling on one another. Gladly, you didn’t encounter many, but you were getting hungry. At least, you were lucky that the bag contained a bottle half full of water to keep you going for a while. In the morning, you went on your way. Product of the game makers or not, you stopped and stared into the distance as you saw nothing less than a huge sandstorm heading your way. It’s a chance that the very last thing the bag contained was a blanket, which you covered your head with to brave through the storm. That is when it came to you… You could use that occasion to slip to the oasis and the cornucopia, get what you need, while the others are forced to retreat! You walked as fast as you could considering the weather condition. In the mean time, the gong announced the fall of two others… Which meant you made it to the finales. But also, announced that the worst was coming.
  • During the finales, the sandstorm didn’t last long enough for you to reach the cornucopia. But enough for you to see it into the distance. You approached carefully, awaiting things to take a drastic turn. From the top of your dune with only your head peaking out, you realised that things were indeed not in your favour. The only other tributes remaining were three of the careers, all who successfully hid inside the cornucopia during the storm. The sight of the water and the food surely tempted you, but at this time of the games, all you had in mind was how you could possibly get rid of your opponents. Would they come out to seek you? You thought so, but you decided to wait it out a little. Enough that the career from district 1 got bitten by a snake and who went crazy, probably under the effect of the poison, and stabbed his fellow tribute from district 2. The other one was ready to fight him, which you toke as the best occasion to get out of your hiding spot. You gathered your last strength and ran up to them, knife in hand. You expected the two to be too busy fightning to see you, but the female from district 2 quickly noticed your presence and shot an arrow straight at you. You only had the time and the reflexe to block with your hand, leaving your arm to take all the shock. You fell to the ground as she finished off her poisoned teammate. The thing is, she didn’t notice you held a knife. Facing the distance, pointing your back at her, she thought she had all the time to come and finish you off. She barely had the time to take out another arrow that you turned around and sent your knife flying straight into her head. The last gong was heard, putting an end to this very short and fatal edition of the games… The one that although at the price of one arm, proclaimed you its victor.

We have a Victor!
Congralutations, you survived the hunger games!
— 2 years ago
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Tribute / Willow / District 5

1) Willow

2) 5- Power

3) Female

4) I am 15 years old.  I am about 5’7”.  My hair reaches my elbows, it is bright orange.  My eyes are a vivid blue/green color.  I have gained quite a bit of muscle hauling around rocks of my fathers.  My legs aren’t very strong, I have never done much running or climbing, it’s not necessary in Five.

5) My father is a geologist back in Five.  I have picked stuff up from him.  I know certain rocks, and terrain.  After my mom passed away, I was forced to learn homemaking in order to care of my two younger brothers.  I am an excellent cook, so I have a few knife skills.  I am also known to be quite polite, and I have motherly instincts and qualities, or so I am told.  I can make a good bargain at the market, which might help me in the arena, with alliances.  I am not against murder if it means I can preserve my own life.  I can be quite ruthless if there is something I am fighting for.

6) Surviving, Sponsors, Fighting, Tactics, Escape

7) I was raised as I polite, smart, and quiet girl who minded my manners and kept to myself.  However, after my mother passed away when I was 12, I had to become a mother.  I broke through my shell and learned the trade of my district.  I learned how to negotiate, and get what I wanted.  I learned how to cook, and even learned a little bit about geology from my father.  My youngest brother is 6, and the older is 12.  I only feared for his safety at his first reaping.  Little did I know if would be me that would become a tribute.  My only goal is to return to my family. I fear that if I do not return, they will be taken away from my father, who is always at work.  He can’t take care of them by himself.  

I’ve never killed anything that wasn’t a chicken.  (They sell live ones at the market)  But I’d kill anyone in an instant if I thought they were a harm to my family.  And these games, and the people in it, are definitely, a harm to my family.

  • Rank in #6
  • Training result: 7
  • The arena for this edition of the hunger games was: A sinister wasteland devoid of life with numerous hot springs around and abandoned houses. With not much places to hide, one must also watch out where they step as some of the springs are hot enough to burn them alive. But be quick to take cover at night, for the noises indicate the danger that roams around.
  • During the bloodbath, you ran straight for the cornucopia and grabbed the nearest bag before running back as soon as you noticed another tribute aiming a spear in your direction, you didn’t look back.
  • During the games, you sticked to your plan which was to priorize your survival and therefore, make sure you constantly had some food and water at hand. You would only attack if necessary. Yet, the arena wasn’t a flourishing garden and surely that wouldn’t help you stick to the plan. Nonetheless, even as you were short on breath, you kept running away as far as possible to distance yourself from any other tributes. You saw them from afar, all running in a different direction, so you decided to stop and take a look at what you had in your bag. A bottle, which proved itself to be useful once you walked by an hotspring. Once filled, you had no other choice but to explore these drylands further in quest of a food source. Sure your bag also contained a bread, but he wouldn’t keep you fed for more than a day. By the sunset, you stumbled across an abandonned house, which you approached carefully. The odds are that you wouldn’t be the only one that passed by! You sneaked your way around, trying to detect any sign of life that could be inside. All the windows were broken, everything was falling apart… But maybe the game makers stocked food or something inside? Silently, you made your way in, only to fall on a tribute from district 9, pointing a knife at you. She offered to trade your bread for your life, which in the end, you obliged. As soon as it was done, she ran out, leaving you alone in the remains of the house. You settled for the night, although you found no trace of food inside. You surely didn’t regret making that decision. Screams resonated outside. Checking through the window, you observed as strange wolves mutts devoured another tribute to the bones. After such a sight, you hid yourself until morning. In case the wolves were still patrolling outside, you dared not step outside for the next day. In the mean time, you received a parachute containing some fruits and cake. Working your charisma back at the Capitol would have been worth it. You managed pretty well for yet another day this way, but your reserve of water quickly ran dry. The next morning, not to come across the wolves that seemed to only come out at night, you had no choice but to go back out there in search of another hotspring. For about an hour, you sought one without losing sight of the house behind, to finally find one. After a look, you realised something was wrong… By experience, you studied the ground around this one, noting that the earth and rocks suffered from erosion, maybe? No, that wasn’t it. But by then, you heard loud steps coming from behind. Panicked, you turned back to see a desperate tribute from district 11 charging at you. You tried to avoid him, but he quickly grabbed you and tried to choke you. He was taller, but by chance, you had the time to trip him over as he fell into the very water you were doubting… And that you had reason to. He boiled alive, screaming in a matter of minutes. Before anyone else would decide to come by as well, you ran off to the house once more. Sadly, you couldn’t get hold of any water… Right when you were going to enter the house, you heard voices coming from inside. You stepped back, and hid as you recognized the voices of the careers. There was no way you could take them on, which forced you to leave and try to find another place to hide by nighttime. For hours, you dragged your feet through the lifeless lands as you suffered from dehydration. No soul in sight, but the gong was heard many time, announcing the deaths of many tributes… You became too weak, and your muscles gave in as you fell to your knees and lost consciousness.
  • Your death: Your eyes slowly opened once more, although your body still had an hard time answering your will. It was cold. Your gaze went straight for the sky… The moon. It was nighttime. A surge of panic got to you, as you forced yourself up, ready to run away… But as you did, you saw one of the mutt, a few meters away, slowly approaching you. The beast looked just as hungry as you. In a matter of seconds, the gong echoed through the night.
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Tribute / Alice / District 3

1. Alice.

2. District 3.

3. Female.

4. Medium height, kinda skinny but with some curves, medium to long blonde hair, green eyes. Advantages: not too big and not too small so I don’t stand out too much, VERY flexible. Disadvantages:  I don’t have very strong muscles and wears glasses/contacts (can’t see well when something’s far away).

5. I am very independent, book-smart, intelligent, has a good memory when I set my mind to it, kinda introverted, a good listener, very polite, avoids conflict and confrontation,  honest, a little bit naïve, very hard-working, ambitious, a planner type, likes to stick to my own plans and instincts, a bit bossy, careful, dependable, friendly when it comes to people I like and are like me (otherwise I don’t bother with them much and don’t give them much of my energy or time), impatient, often think about stuff before I act, eager to prove myself (see question 7.), can be relatable and I’m kinda defensive more than offensive.

6. surviving, escape, sponsors, tactics, fighting (she knows she isn’t that good of a fighter).

7. I’m 15. I have two hard-working middle-class parents (not super-rich but not super-poor either), an older brother and a younger sister (I’m a typical middle child). It hasn’t been easy being the middle-child, it’s made me eager to prove myself since I haven’t had a particular role in my family and made me very ambitious. i still care about my family a lot and would do anything for my siblings. Since I’m kinda introverted I’m not very popular but I have a group of friends that are all a bit like me. Not really having someone to always depend on, whether it be a family member or a friend, has made me very independent, that’s why i trust myself a lot more than others. I’m still in school and I have no idea on what I want to do when I grow up but I think it’s good that I was born in district 3 since in technology I have to use my brain more than my body. I haven’t had lots of experience with weapons. I’m flexible because the only thing athletic I like to do with my body is dance which has made me flexible but I haven’t cared much about the muscle-buildning part. I didn’t want to get reaped but I wanted my siblings to get reaped even less. My brother wanted to volunteer for me but I refused even though I’m not the typical winning-type, even less in comparison to him. I just cared about him to much to let him go to the games.

  • Rank in #3
  • Training result: 7
  • The arena for this edition of the hunger games was: A tropical forest with very little space to move between its trees with an incredible amount of weird, colourful plants. Many of the trees offer a rooftop as you can hide inside them, but the dangerous flora leaves one no choices but to feed from the small animals. Beware, for many of these plants may look stunning, but are deadlier than any other predators.
  • During the bloodbath, you ran straight for the cornucopia to seize one of the closest bags only for another tribute to take it right under your nose. At the sight of another tribute coming in your direction, you lost no time and just ran back straight to the forest.
  • During the games, you had no intention to leap into the lion’s mouth. You found it best to plan your next steps first, as the planner you are, so you rushed deep into the wood as fast as you could. Further you went, more you noticed the presence of these very tall and odd plants around. You stopped to take a breath, but also toke the occasion to observe one. When suddenly, a tribute from district 8 ran by and bumped into you, dropping his bag. Wanting to avoid the fight, you quickly got up, ready to run away… But you didn’t have to. As surprised as you were, the other tribute stepped back as well and this time, bumped into one of the colourful plants. When he tried to run, he found himself glued to it. You stared as its vines plunged into the boy’s flesh and threw him into convulsion. You fled the scene with his bag and without looking back, now watching where you stepped not to suffer the same fate. By nightfall, you found refuge in the hole of a huge tree and planned things out. The bag contained some apples which would keep you going for a while, as well as an hatchet. By the next day, no other tributes appeared to have passed by. You deduced the area to be safe, and thus, settled. There was no better occasion to check out if these jungle facts you happened to stumble on in a few books back home were legits. In fact, many of the bushes and tree leaves were huge enough to hold quite a huge amount of morning dew, which quenched your thirst. As for food, you came up with a plan before you ate the rest of your apples. You observed how these colourful and deadly plants fed themselves on the wildlife. Every once in a while, small animals or birds would accidently fall or run into their grasp, and nothing but their skeletons would remain once their vines retreated. You came up with quite a smart way to feed. As soon as the prey would fall into the trap, from a safe distant, you used your hatchet to cut the plant’s root, killing it in the process. You would do so before the vines plunged into the animal’s flesh, since by previous observations, it probably released a poison into its prey’s veins. The last thing you wanted was to go through food poisoning! For two days, you managed to fend pretty well, which surprised yourself. In so little time, the number of tributes fell drastically. It made you wonder and fear that something was lurking out there, aside some careers. It’s only the next morning that you were forced out of hiding, when you heard steps behind the trees. An alliance probably, judging that two tributes tagged along. But you remembered the careers faces pretty well, and they weren’t them. You sneaked away in search of a new place, deducing this one wasn’t safe anymore. You walked carefully inbetween the trees for a day, as the gong announced the sudden deaths of three more tributes. It’s then that you realised only four of you were left. Honestly, you couldn’t believe it, you barely encountered any of them, wathever happened to all the others? Did they miss something you didn’t? Nonetheless, you went through another safe night before, as you feared, the Capitol went for a grand finale.
  • During the finales, you woke up to agitated animals who jumped from trees to trees all in a common direction. Panicked, and judging that they were indeed running away from something, you ran along in the same direction although you feared the remaining tributes would do the same, which led you to no other place than the cornucopia. 
  • Your death: From behind a tree, you observed as the last remaining career seemed to have lost it. He was screaming names, although you had no clue to who. Then, suddenly, he fell to the ground, convulsing. Someone else was hiding and shot him from afar? With what? A slight jump revealed your position, and within a second, you felt a strange sting at your neck. It was a little wooden needle. Clearly, someone crafted it and shot it. But you never knew who, nor their position, before you felt its poison run into your veins as you fell to the ground. It was only a matter of time before the gong was heard.
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Announcement from the Capitol!

Dear tributes, we are grateful to all of you who both volunteer & follow us in return!

For those who came here to participate to their own hunger games, we just wished to remind you of a few sources we have at your disposition!

Choose your district : Many of you may come from districts that were barely heard from in the books, but it also gives you an occasion to pick them and surprise us with your conceptions of these ones! We want more tributes from other districts, dear citizens!

Training Room : Don’t forget to read more about the multiple ways you can engage into the games! Remember, there is no way to mess up! Either you plan on winning by force or by planning it out, it’s all left to you… But be sure to revise all your options!

Ideas for your story! : Captivate your audience! Everyone in Panem want to learn more about you. Come up with an interesting story for us, will you?

Your Character : Because something wasn’t in the book doesn’t mean it cannot be! You have both qualities & flaws, may it be personality wise or physically! No one is a superman, and it is not because you are weaker than the careers or that you never learned how to fight that you can’t make it to the finales… So be diverse, don’t copy cat other characters from the series! Come up with something interesting!

And remember, if you have any questions, you may contact us here!

Happy Hunger Games!

And may the odds be ever in your favor,

                                                  -The Capitol and your dedicated game makers

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Tribute / Natalie Lovette / District 1

1. Natalie Lovette

2. District 1

3. Female

4. I am great with knives and stealth. I have survival skills, but am not good with hand-on-hand combat or brute strength.

5. Although I’m from a career district, I still have morals. I would rather not kill innocent people, but I will if it means beating my own demise. I am great at trickery and fooling people.

6. 1. Sponsors 2. Tactics 3. Surviving 4. Fighting 5. Escape

7. I am 16 and have been training for the games all my life. After my mother and sister died in a house fire, my father and brother have gotten distant. Training was all I had, and now the games are all I have. I will come home, if not for my family, for Marccus. We have known each other forever and after his whole family died in a factory fire, I’m all he has. 

I don’t work, I start once I turn 18 and my training stops. Let’s just say I’m not excited to start working. The training center has become my home.

My life has gone nowhere and I’m excited to come home as a victor. Maybe then I would have a point in life besides training.

  • Rank in #2
  • Training result: 8
  • The arena for this edition of the hunger games was: A chain of islands in the middle of the oceans of different shapes and surprises as well as trees and fruits to each. Venturing from one to another requires a demanding swim, without even counting what may lurk in the water. But switching may be necessary when more than a few tributes share it.
  • During the bloodbath, you ran straight for the cornucopia and got hold of the nearest bag, before sprinting off from the small island into the ocean and swam in direction of an island you saw no other tributes heading to.
  • During the games, you surprised many by deciding not to join the careers as a tribute from your district usually would. But you thought you were better off not associating with them. Surely you could have used them to tag along until the finales and turned against them at the appropriate moment, but you prefered to leave the bloodspilling to the hands of others. You finally reached the island, it was rather small, with a couple of trees, but it was enough to settle for now. Lucky you, your bag had two bottles of drinkable water, since  drinking from the ocean wouldn’t be quite a good idea. You kept your guards up, although you would see a tribute coming from afar. By nightfall, you climbed to the trees to pick up their fruits and safely store them into your bag. A surprise came in the next morning. You saw another tribute swimming from afar, in direction of your island. Panicked since you had no weapons, you got hold of the biggest rock you could find and hid in hope he wouldn’t have seen you. Things turned out quite different than you expected… It was the boy from district 12, who made it to the shore covered in blood. You approached him carefully as he requested your help. He was so desperate that the offered you all he had left, two knives. Considering his state, and not desiring to murder him in cold blood since he appeared to be no threat, you did your best to help him and made an alliance with him. You shared food, learned that he was attacked by something in the water, probably sharks or some underwater mutts. Without becoming too friendly with him, you both managed to go on for a few days this way. And now, you had weapons, thanks to him. Day by day, the number of tributes dramatically lowered and quite fast, making you wonder if something was up. Back at the Capitol, you played with your charms so well that you received in the meantime three parachutes, with drinkable water, more food and medecine for your ally as well. You guys had not to worry about having to move to another island with all of this! But one morning, you woke up to a scream. Knife in hand, you ran to where it came from. Your ally was being approached by your fellow tribute from district 1, with a spear in hands. You didn’t think twice, as you were behind him and he never heard you coming, as you threw your knife in his back. He fell lifeless in the sands, but appeared to have been attacked by wathever lurked in the water as well on his way here. You guys waited out for another day, until only 4 of you remained in the whole arena.
  • During the finales, the game makers forced everyone out. Big waves began submerging your island and the others, forcing you guys to swim back to the cornucopia, which was about twenty minutes of swim away. And your fears about whathever lurked into the water became real. You felt something pull at your bag, and literaly ripped it off your back. Then it was your leg. You screamed, but your ally helped you get rid of it. Sadly, by doing so, he was brought underwater and never made it back to the surface. Only his blood came back to you. Panicked, you didn’t look back and kept swimming until you made it miraculously to the shore of the cornucopia. 
  • Your death: Only you, a career and a tribute from district 7 were left fightning. By the time you got up, the fight was already over. The tribute fell under the club of the career, leaving him to run at you to do the same. Gladly, your aim was right and in no time, he fell with a knife plunged straight in his forehead. Right when you came to your senses believing you were the new victor and that you actually made it out, the tribute from district 7 was back on her knees, one side of her head completely smashed in. But she was alive. And with her hatchet flying straight in your direction, the gong that was heard was yours alone.
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